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We have added some new items to our catalog in the fall of 2002. One of them is the Donation Pouch - designed to make handling donation transactions in the field much smoother.

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Be sure to browse our new product list. We have taken new photos of several items!

Using the printable order form and mailing in a check will continue to be a payment option. If you are outside the U.S. and are unsure of the shipping charges, please contact us and we will find the exact total to enter into the mail-in form.

McKenna Bookcovers has been producing quality bookcovers for Jehovah's Witnesses since 1956

Live With Jehovah's Day In Mind

Be sure to pick up bookcovers for our current study book!

New Improved Plastic

A smooth, high tech plastic which is more resilient and durable is now being used in the production of our covers. This new material resists "stickiness" that occurs when many books are squeezed together inside a book bag. Over time, the problems of discoloration and tearing will also be minimized. "Oil is a main ingredient in plastic products, so to cut costs (thereby reducing quality) manufacturers can use less oil." - John McKenna Our formula has reached a new level of quality, so we look forward to the response from the brothers and sisters who use our products. Please send your comments through our contact form.

Theocratic Ministry School

Students will greatly benefit by using our high-quality book covers to organize and protect study materials to and from meetings, and in and out of the service bag! Product questions? Please click "Contact Us" to send an E-mail directly to a customer service representative near you.

Flash Presentation:

We are working on a short Flash movie that demonstrates the use of the book covers. Click the image below to view. Note: you need Flash

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Deluxe Watchtower/Awake Magazine Holder

Makes organizing and preparing for the field ministry a breeze!

Save money - when purchasing Tract holder and Magazine holder COMBO! Order online for maximum convenience today!

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